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  • Wellness Massage Provider

  • Trained in Deep Tissue Massage

  • Trained in Hot Stone Massage

Ciaran was born and raised on the coast, but moved to the interior after high school where he enrolled with the Vancouver Career College (Kelowna Campus) in persuit of his RMT diploma.


Ciaran has always lived an active lifestyle and enjoys soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey but his true passion lies in martial arts.


Ciaran’s interest for the body came from his own ailments throughout his adventuring lifestyle. He provides strong communication throughout his treatments and creates appropriate treatment plans according to the

issue at hand. Whether it be an injury, stress management or an ailment, Ciaran is available Thursday through Sunday and is accepting new clients.  He practices an evidence-based approach and uses a combination of techniques such as swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue technique, hot stones, and myofascial release. 


In Ciaran's free time he is involved in parkour, rocking climbing, backpacking and hiking, and most recently slacklining and highlining.

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