Mask or face-covering required for appointment

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement. 

It is a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring to detect and correct muscle imbalances that may relate to stress and/or  injury. Movement-based exercise and active rehab is the primary treatment modality used to achieve a pain-free state. This is either done in our gym at Kinetic Energy, or in a pool if aquatic therapy is better suited for you.

Kinesiologists are sort of like a combination between a physiotherapist, a personal trainer and a  yoga instructor.  During a treatment session, you will focus on body awareness, muscle strength, joint flexibility, range of motion, stretching, balance and relaxation of muscles. Kinesiologists are trained to work with you on the good days and the bad days throughout recovery.

We offer private bookings and bookings in relation to ICBC injury.  If you have an open ICBC claim, you are able to book in with our Kinesiolgist and you don’t have to have a referral from a doctor to get started.

Kinesiology Rates:

Initial Assessment and Treatment: $70 


Subsequent Treatment: $70

ICBC Patients: No charge if you have

a valid Claim #

Our Kinesiologist: