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  • Accepting New Patients! 

  • Certified in First Aid & CPR with AED

Krista grew up in Kamloops and has recently returned with her young family.

While in grade-school, she participated in dance classes and eventually became an instructor. In order to pursue teaching ballet, Krista attended the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, enrolling in the teacher-training program. During this journey she met some amazing RMTs and decided to switch career paths. 


Krista stayed in Winnipeg and went to Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy. It was the college her therapist went to and Krista wanted to learn the same techniques. Krista is fascinated by the things she can learn about the body through massage therapy.


She chose massage because she wants people to be able to do what they enjoy- without pain. Already understanding body mechanics and assessment made it seem like massage was a great way to help people. 

Krista started her career in Winnipeg in 2014 until she took a break to start a family. Now back in Kamloops, Krista is accepting new patients!


To achieve desired results Krista uses assessment of musculoskeletal dysfunction to determine the cause of pain. She works on improving allignment and range of motion, and restoring function to the body. Krista has taken courses in pregnancy massage, breast tissue massage, fascial release, fascial chains, lymphatic drainage, and Indian head massage. Krista has volunteered with the MS society, Tache long term care center, and Kamloops Sexual Assault Couselling Center. 


Krista still enjoys dance as well as yoga and skiing. In her spare time she is learning to paint and likes photography. She loves to go camping with her family in the backcountry and going to the beach. You may see her with her family hiking the trails and if you're lucky you might see one of Krista's cats with her on an outing!

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