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  • Registered Nurse 

  • Member of CRNBC

  • Trained in Womens Health

Shawna grew up in Clearwater and moved to Kamloops following high school. She graduated from TRU in 2008 as an RN.

Shawna enjoys all aspects of medicine, but she realized her true passion was working with women’s health. She worked on thje Obstetrics/Gynecology ward for 6 years before transitioning over to Labor and Delivery in 2014. Evolving with the needs of the Kamloops residents, Shawna has expanded her focus once more and joined the Kinetic Energy Team where she is instrumental in running the women's health clinic-- offering pap testing, STI screening, IUD removals and birth control advice. She loves working with women of all ages and strive to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and respectful. 

Outside of work, Shawna has two small boys who take up most of her free time. They stay very active with bike riding, swimming, skiing, various sports, and lots of camping in the summer. To book an appointment with Shawna, please call reception and we'll get you in at our next available opening. 

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