• Registered Kinesiologist

  • Certified in First Aid and CPR

Sue completed a bachelor’s degree in the Human Kinetics program at UBC with a specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Having witnessed firsthand the benefits that exercise can have in one’s life, Sue is continually inspired to help facilitate this change as a kinesiologist.  


Prior to working as a kinesiologist, Sue studied and taught yoga. This experience motivated her to begin a university program to further deepen her knowledge to better help individuals who are faced with injury and chronic conditions. She is passionate about individualized treatment, meeting each client where they are at with their current fitness and limitations. Regardless of the barrier or physical struggle, she helps her clients utilize exercise as treatment and empowers each individual to take control of their recovery path.

Sue runs the ICBC rehab program at Kinetic Energy and is trained to help you recover from sprains, strains, muscular weakness, joint pain, TMJ disorder, back pain, whiplash, concussions, inflexibility, short-term mental health conditions, taping and prevention.


In Sue's spare time she loves to hike or bike the trails with her pup, snowboarding, hitting the gym, and finding a new recipe to master.