Q: Can I book an appointment over the phone?

A: No, you must come down in person to register. If you are unable to come down to the clinic, a friend or family member may register for you if they have all your information (care card number, date of birth, address, etc).

Q:  What time do I have to arrive to ensure I see a doctor?

A: It depends on the day, but we are a fairly busy clinic. Our recommendation is to come to the clinic and get registered before 8:30am. We book 40-50 appointments per day and we start patient registration at 7:45am.

Often there are many people already waiting outside our door before we open in the morning. The first person in line gets the first appointment, the second person in line gets the second appointment etc.

***You can look on our home page to see if we are still accepting patients or if we are full for the day.***

Q: Do I have to wait at the clinic until my appointment time?

A: No. Once you are registered, the receptionist will give you a time to return for your appointment. 

Q: Does the doctor run on time?

A: For the most part we stay true to appointment times, but there are no guarantees in healthcare. If there is a patient ahead of you who needs more care then their allotted time, the doctor will spend the time he needs with that patient.

Q: Are you accepting patients for a family practice?

A: No, we are strictly a walk-in clinic.

Q: Can we come to your clinic even if we have a family doctor?

A: Yes, everyone is welcome at our clinic.

Q: Are you open Saturdays?

A: No, we are open Monday to Friday.

Q: I need a prescription refill, do I really need to see a doctor for that?

A: Yes, a prescription is a controlled medication that requires the doctor to check in with the patient. 

Q: I need a prescription refill, but your clinic is full for the day. What should I do?

A: You can go to your local pharmacy and they can usually supply a 1-2 day emergency supply.

Q: I need to see a doctor, but your clinic is full for the day. What should I do?

A: You can try going to the Urgent Care Clinic which is located on the backside of the Superstore,

or try the Primary Care Clinic which is located in the hospital.