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Chiropractic treatment is recommended for back pain, neck pain, relief of certain types of headaches and joint pain in the arms and legs. Results can often be seen quickly and treatment plans are designed to be short term. 

Our chiropractor primarily adjusts the traditional way, although he stays up-to-date on modern technology. He uses a variety of techniques in his practice, such as the use of a drop table and an arthrostim device which delivers repetitive low force thrusts to the spine. 


The use of a MyoVision Scanner is also used when indicated, which is a device used to measure electric activity in skeletal muscles in the back and neck. The MyoVision Scan takes 120 seconds and is completely safe, painless and non-invasive. 

If you like to pair chiropractic care with massage therapy, we can accommodate you and schedule your appointments together.


We offer


Initial Assessment and Treatment


Subsequent Treatments

ICBC-Funded Appointments if you have a valid Claim #

Direct Billing is available for all appointment types

Our Chiropractor:

Dr. Roy Rodrigues

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