We offer personal training & healthy-lifestyle coaching. Our primary focus is to provide a starting point for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Consultations are one hour and will address all questions and concerns you may have. Depending on your level of interest, consultations may include a physician physical, a fitness evaluation, a nutrition evaluation, goal setting, measurements, blood pressure reading and range of motion charting.

We all know that getting started with a fitness regime is often the hardest part about losing weight, and sticking with it is another challenge. Our programs are specifically designed to get you started, safely.


We offer a non-judgemental inviting environment full of support, encouragement and staffed with a knowledgeable team of healthcare professionals to ensure that your fitness experience is personalized, motivating, positive and injury free.

Our personal trainer is BCRPA certified, which is the highest designation for personal training in British Columbia.

We hope to inspire you to take charge of your weight and health and we look forward to battling through this journey with you!

Personal Training Rates: 

One-on-one Training Sessions:

Platinum Package: 12 sessions

$600 + tax

(breaks down to $50 per session)

Gold Package: 8 sessions

$480 + tax

(breaks down to $60 per session)


Silver Package: 4 sessions

$280 + tax

(breaks down to $70 per session)

Bronze Purchase: 1 session

$80+ tax per session

Program Design
3 customized workouts designed specifically for you


Our Personal Trainer:


Personal Training