Walk-In Clinic

Dr. Pasula is continuing to run the walk in clinic, however patients do not have to come and line up in the morning. You are now able to call in by phone starting at 7am or email to book a same-day appointment.


At this time, Dr Pasula is doing virtual  medicine which will start with a phone call and may lead to a face to face visit at the clinic if deemed appropriate.

Using the walk-in clinic is ideal for those who do not have a family doctor, or for times when you are not able to see your family doctor in a timely manner. 

MD Rates:

Appointment: No charge if you have a Valid Canadian Care Card

Out of Country Visit: $100

Doctors Note: $25

Driver's Medicals: $150

Forms: $75+

Our MDs:

Dr. Brian Pasula

Booked doctors appointments can be made for:

Drivers Medical


Employee Physicals

Sport Physicals