Walk-In Clinic

Using the walk-in clinic is ideal for those who do not have a family doctor, or for times when you are not able to see your family doctor in a timely manner. 


At this time Dr. Pasula is doing virtual medicine which will start with a phone call and may lead to a face-to-face visit at the clinic if deemed necessary. 


We offer same-day bookings and patient registration starts by phone at 7:00am Monday to Friday.

Please note there is a higher than normal call volume between 7am-8am, so if you hear the voicemail, leave a message and your name will be registered in the order the messages are received. 

Booked doctors appointments can be made for:

Drivers Medical

Employee Physicals

Sport Physicals

MD Rates:

Appointment: No charge if you have a Valid Canadian Care Card

Out of Country Visit: $100

Doctors Note: $25

Driver's Medicals: $150

Forms: $75+

Our MDs:

Dr. Brian Pasula